Illustrations & Cie

Activities around published books

Le vestiaire de "Monsieur Cheng"

Chaque jour, Monsieur Cheng choisit sa chemise, ses chaussettes, ses chaussures, son chapeau !
Voici ce que cela donne : un vestiaire renversant !

Techniques : découpes, graphismes au feutre et tracés au fusain.

Douanier Rousseau Jungles

Within the framework of the Auderghem initiative "Carrefour des Arts" (Arts Crossroads), two classes came to the library to invent murals inspired by the jungles of the French painter Le Douanier Rousseau.
A workshop based upon the book "Sortie de joueur".

Workshops at the Ixelles Library

8 sessions during one year to create your own book
Based upon the book "Sortie de joueur", every child will choose a painting he recognizes in the pages. Let's make up a travel story !

Trip to the museum at the Atelier des Petits Pas

Painters’ works are displayed for children to see. They immerse themselves in the images by looking at them, decrypting them, redrawing them, then putting themselves in the place of one of the characters who suddenly comes to life.

Player's Escape - Workshop

Jean, the character painted by Henri Rousseau, is admired by thousands of visitors.

The giraffe's journeys

" The giraffe on the roof of the world " travelled in bookshops, but also of libraries and schools.

Little Kazoos workshop

During this workshop, the little kazoos will sound the words, like the rhymes of the same name.
Letting yourself be go with the music of words, opens doors to a funny and amazing world !

Creative reading of The Poet Circus and Mr. Cheng

Different activities around these two books have been offered in bookstores (Le Rat conteur, La Licorne, La parenthèse), and libraries.