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Bruxelles en Peauésie est un projet collaboratif initié par L’arbre de Diane asbl et les étudiants de l’ERG en typographie visant à réintroduire de la poésie dans le quotidien des Boitsfortois.

À l’aide d’un spray devenant visible uniquement au contact de l’eau, de pochoirs, et de pluie, une dizaine de poèmes ont été placés sur le territoire de Watermael-Boitsfort.

Une carte poétique a été créée avec la géo-poète Anne Versailles en collaboration avec Sophie Daxhelet pour les illustrations.

Le projet Peauésie a reçu le Prix Bruoscella grâce au Collectif Bruocsella by Prométhéa. Avec le soutien de La Vénerie.
Graphisme : Daphné De Ridder et Charlotte Schurmans

Cycle of sketches made in NYC, accompanied by a soundtrack. To grab the vibes of this one thousand facets' City.
Summer 2016

"In 1930, Gandhi had achieved a hugely popular success with his triumphal Salt March. The beleaguered powers retaliated with a series of mass imprisonments. Gandhi spent nine months in prison, but it was a victory. Sixty thousand prisoners would be released with him.After his release, he made a solemn vow not to return to his Sabarmati Ashram, near Ahmedabad, whilst India was not liberated. He travelled, as if to reinforce this idea, over and over again, that the struggle was not going to play out in the cities, but in the villages of rural India. He had already been developing this idea for years. More than a theory, it was a shining certainty that made him walk to meet his countrymen."

Narrative of Bernard Jagodzinski

Participation in fanzines for children : Cuistax (n°0-1-2-3) and Biscoto (n°3)

Cuistax ( is a new illustration fanzine for children, resulting from the collaboration of a dozen illustrators based in Brussels.
It is printed in the traditional way (by risograph - at chez rosi:, in two colours.
Available in bookstores, in Brussels currently (Tropismes Jeunesse, Ptyx Bookstore and Candide Bookstore...)
n°0 : froid (cold)
n°1 : jeunes pousses (seedlings)
n°2 : été indien (Indian Summer)
n°3 : En route ! (On the road !)

Biscoto n°3_Mister Mystère
Cuistax n°1_Magic magie
Cuistax n°0_Magic magie
Cuistax n°2_Magic magie (page2)
Cuistax n°2_Magic magie (page1)
L'inde et ses mystères
Cuistax n°3_Lets's go !
Cuistax n°3_sommaire
Cuistax n°3_Magic Magie
Cuistax n°3_L'homme invisible

"Chance brought me face to face with it, a forgotten statue in the Place Saint-Jean.Like a vanishing ghost, it compelled me to rewrite its history.I examined locations...people, books."
As I turned the corner of a Brussels square, a statue caught my attention and my curiosity. Who was it ?As my research progressed, I discovered the story of Gabrielle Petit, heroine of the Great War. Her glorified destiny and her personal story led me to understand how a myth is created. The work of cross-checking information and investigations at the scenes of her life have made this project a reading in layers. The technique of overlaying drawings on tracing paper corresponds to this reflection.

An animation was realized from this comic strip :

A tactile book produced with the assistance of ONA (National Charity for the Blind).
Embossments, stencils, sheets of tracing paper, on the subject of the herbarium.
"The garden gate was open...
Would you like one of my fruits?, the fig tree asks me.
It's just that the path in the garden is long, you'll need it."

Six unpublished texts written specifically for the "Fureur de lire" (Passion for reading) by authors and illustrators, to be found at participating outlets or can be obtained free of charge upon request, for teachers especially :

Hauteurs (Heights) : a hot air balloon trip with a giraffe on board - for children, and adults too.

In the African Savannah, a giraffe dreams...