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Kamishibaï workshops with the Magic Flute

Seven workshops in two classes from nursery to school age, with the Magic Flute at the Molenbeek-Saint-Jean public library.
Children had the idea of staging the class mascot : Polo the rabbit.Here he was, off to the circus, but not just any circus : the circus of shapes.There he meets unusual circus artists in the shape of triangles, circles, rectangles and squares. From the triangular cat to the pyramid consisting of a rhinoceros and three giraffes. Polo transforms himself at the same time as he admires and shudders before the most stunning tricks of this circus of shapes !
In the other class, Polo becomes a farmer. Accompanied by his cat and his dog, he goes on his farm with all the animals : horses, cows, pigs, rabbits, chickens, roosters and even a bull ! He knits a hat, scarf and socks with the wool from his sheep. Polo ends his day with a good meal cooked using his own products harvested during the day and finally with a stroll in the sunset…
These workshops, via the medium of Kamishibaï, make it possible to tackle lots of aspects with children.Reading books on the chosen theme helps them to acquire vocabulary in order to formulate a common story. Throughout the sessions, this is captured for a presentation to other classes when the project is completed.In addition, the various graphics techniques tackled are an important challenge of the project. Charcoal, tracing paper, collages, pastels, stencils, sponge painting, felt tip markers, coloured pencils are used to draw the characters and backgrounds. Pooling of the drawings and paintings at the end of each workshop then leads to observation and discussion with the children, in particular to demonstrate how, from the same reference point, the end result can be different.

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