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June, 2010

le cirque poète (The Rhyming Circus)

Come ladies and gentlemen ! The show will begin !
All of you come along to see the artists of the poet circus ! Odette the Shrimp, Lucette the Owl, Denis the Athlete, Doris the Cheerleader, and the mysterious Secret Silhouette, that will reappear at the end of the book. Maybe !

In the tone of a refrain, animals and characters of this book follow the underlying theme of the Poet Circus : the rhymes with "ette". From the "chouette à la chaussette", (owl to the sock) through the "majorette" (cheerleader), the drawings were inspired by the world of the circus and the fun fair of 1900. The story of this bizarre troupe is rendered by contrasting features of charcoal and pure paint colours.

"Is there love in the air ?" "Who has eaten Odette the shrimp ?" "But where did the mysterious Secret Silhouette go to?"
You'll find answers to these questions in this first book published by MeMo.

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