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Andy Warhol - The Origin of Art

As part of the 2nd Biennial of the book of art for children at Jemappes library.
In recent years, children's literature opened up to the exciting world of art. Imagers, alphabet primers, activity books, specialist journals, documentaries, etc. guide children step by step, awakening their interest. Le Pôle museum centre and libraries in the City of Mons unite to welcome you to the 2nd Biennial of the book of art for children.The Origin of Art invites children and adults to become familiar with these books through a series of activities : exhibition of a wide range of publications, exhibition of illustrations, lectures, creative workshops, etc.
"Pop" portraits using stencils.On white sheets and then coloured sheets, using stencils and sponges, pupils make four portraits identical in shape but different in colour. The subject may be a face, but also a can of food, a box of detergent, flowers, a banana, a bottle of Coca-Cola... Just like Warhol, we experiment with repetition and series in art. The cardboard templates are used several times and the idea of the original work is examined. If the same model is used, is my drawing still unique ? And if not, does it lose its value ? Furthermore, are things repeated really the same ?All the drawings will then be collected in the form of a notebook, forming a gallery of portraits in bright colours !

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